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Submitted by nancydrew (4 years ago)
Love it!
St. Patrick's Day Magic Beans
Send kids "magic beans" that bring St. Patrick's Day surprises!
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This Kindea is a spin-off of a popular Easter pin that I found on Pinterest. I decided that we had enough going on for Easter already, but St. Patrick's Day could use a little more magic at our house. So I made up this crazy little leprechaun tradition...

Each year, I tell the kids that I ordered some "magic beans" from Ireland on a mysterious website that I found on the internet (they eat this idea up - it's hysterical!) The beans arrive in the mail on March 16. I have my husband address the envelopes in wacky penmanship so that the kids are less likely to recognize my handwriting. We just stick the envelopes in our own mail box when they aren't looking because I learned the first year that it's kind of an ordeal for the post office to mail a letter with something hard inside.Inside each envelope is (1) a typed note with instructions for the beans and (2) five green jelly beans rolled up in parchment paper.
The kids plant the beans in old flower pots and anxiously wait for St. Patrick's Day morning when lollipops grow in the pots where the beans were planted. I also like to sprinkle some chocolate gold coins around. I leave tiny green footprints around the house, dye misc. household water green, move a few toys around, and topple over a chair or two to add to the leprechaun mischief.
The kids LOVE all this and it's really fun. Maybe it's a tad overboard, but it's something silly and fun that we love doing at our house (definitely not something to start up if you feel like your holidays are getting too complicated and overblown - sometimes even I wonder if this is a bit much but I love doing it!) This year, my 5 year old had the idea to leave a note asking the leprechaun to draw a picture of himself and sign his name. My husband was happy to play along and my little guy got a big kick out of it.