Renegade Backpacks for Children with Cancer from


Awesome backpack inspiration from the fantastic non-profit Stillbrave.

These backpacks are a project started by Tattoo Tom with the Stillbrave Childhood Cancer Foundation. Stillbrave provides supportive, non-medical care for children with cancer, and their families.

Stillbrave’s website describes this backpack project best: “Each pack provides the essentials needed to help a child feel comfortable during chemotherapy treatment. Items included are a soft chenille blanket, warm hat, hand sanitizer, emesis bags, masks, stuffed animal, a journal and pen, Happily Hungry Cookbook and many more wonderful items. The best part of the backpacks is searching through every zipper and pocket for something new. It’s kind of a Stillbrave treasure hunt!”

Use this kindea to inspire your own backpack project or you can even sponsor a backpack via Stillbrave’s website at You can also purchase individual items for Stillbrave’s ongoing backpack project through their Amazon Wish List. Go to¬† for more information.

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