Epic Veterans Day Fail (AKA future ideas to thank a teacher who is a veteran, just didn’t work this year)


Ok, the title of this Kindea is a bit dramatic, but it just happened this morning so I’m still at the point of secretly wanting to scream every time I think of it.


This epic fail needs a little background so quick rewind to a couple of 4th of July’s ago when I tried/loved this awesome red, white, & blue cookie recipe (http://cookincowgirl.blogspot.com/2012/05/firecracker-cookies.html) that I found during my heavy Pinterest phase. The cookies were cool and an idea popped into my head that we could make the patriotic-themed cookies on Veterans Day and give them to our neighbors who are veterans (most of our neighbors are veterans.) The cookies were a hit. I could tell my kids got something out of making them and passing them out too so that was a big bonus.

Fast forward to this year at my son’s back to school night, his 2nd grade teacher mentions in her presentation that she and her husband are both veterans. I make a note to myself to send my 2nd grader in with some cookies for her on Veterans Day. Of course, as Veterans Day approaches I keep adding more and more ideas into the mix in my fun way of overblowing holidays (yes, I’m “that” mom), but I LOVE holidays and only a complete a$$ would accuse someone of doing too much for Veterans Day, right?

So I ended up making a giant card with my son for his teacher. I volunteered in his art class the day before Veterans Day so that all of the kids could sign the card. Then we made another card for his teacher’s husband. We also got her a bunch of really pretty flowers and threw in some of our cookies and a dinner gift card for their favorite restaurant so they wouldn’t need to worry about dinner that night. My point here is really that a lot of little time-sensitive details went into this and I had glowing visions of the kids walking up and surprising her at her desk on Veterans Day morning. I thought it would be fantastic.

So this morning, I’m tying the last bow on the flowers and putting all the finishing touches into a bag when my son says to me, “Maybe we should make a card for my teacher’s husband’s brother because he’s sick.” To which I mumble something about what a nice thought that is but probably not today blah blah blah, etc. (this is like 10 minutes before I need to herd my three littles to the bus stop.) And then my sweet sweet boy says, “You know, I think my teacher was going to go visit him. She’s not going to be at school today.”

This stops me dead in my tracks. I just saw his teacher at school last thing the afternoon before. We could have given her everything then if he had mentioned this little tidbit before this exact moment. I try desperately to pump him for details and wind up calling the school’s main office in total frustration. Yep, his teacher is out of town for the rest of the week due to a family emergency. She might be back next Monday. I look miserably at my piles of fresh-baked cookies and fresh flowers that will all be a yucky mess next week. I don’t know what to do with them so I panic and just end up sending everything in with my son anyway so that maybe the other teachers can enjoy the flowers and cookies in their lounge or something.

For the rest of the day, my one year old snowballs out of control into a whining demon. By the time we’re handing out the cookies to our neighbors, he’s screaming in terror at all of them and I’m pretty sure they were wondering what was wrong with our very well-intentioned but obviously crazy family.

I’m not sure what the moral is here yet. I know deep down that everything will work out somehow and my son’s teacher will find out eventually that her class had nice intentions to show her some love and gratitude on Veterans Day. The pic I’m attaching to this Kindea probably sums it up better than I could put into words here. When my son was writing the message inside the card for his teacher, he goofed up the spelling for the word “country” and my first impulse was to think “Noooo!!” because we’d already decorated the rest of the card and I was thinking we’d have to start all over to fix it. But when I paused for a second and looked again at the misspelled “contry” with the little “u” scribbled over it, I realized that was the best part.

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